5 Ways to Make Time for Fitness

9 06 2011

By Sarah Harris


It’s a daily occurrence, whether or not you intend to head to the gym or complete a workout lies little tasks seem to take precedence over it. The kids need to be brought to practice, the dishes need to be done, work consumed your lunch break…keep adding them up, but when you break it down they all become excuses.

You can make time for fitness, here are five ways to help you get moving.

Schedule it

Sit down and look at your schedule. Like any other responsibility or commitment, put it on your calendar. Even if you start by simply walking 30 minutes a day at 7 a.m. or lunch time, anyone can find that time.

Pay for a Fitness Class

This will make you accountable to go to a fitness class. Think about it, with the economy, how can you let that money go down the drain? Go to class, it’s money for your health.

Pay for a Personal Trainer

A one-on-one trainer may be more expensive, but they are there to kick your butt, hold you accountable to your appointments and help you hit your goals while working around your schedule. If personal trainingisn’t in your budget, sign up for small group training.

Set Goals with Your Partner

If the issue is taking care of the kidsand not having anyone to look after them, set a weight loss or fitness goal with your one and only so you both have a reason to workout. If you both take time out of your day, whether the beginning of the workday or the end, each of you will commit to watching the children while the other takes time out for themselves.


Reward Yourself

Do you like to watch TV at night? Have a little dessert? Play Wii? Go shopping? Just like we do with our children we can pick something that we love to do each day, or has become part of our daily rituals, and restrict it.

This means no TV until you workout. No shopping on a sale day until you complete that run. By telling ourselves that something can not be accomplished until we have done something active throughout the day, becomes more important and forces us to do it.

As time goes on there are more and more studies underlying the fact that fitness is a necessity of staying healthy as we age. It is your sole responsibility to take time out of your day to exercise. No one else can make that decision for you. Remember, if you don’t make your health a priority today then your body will force you to make it one later in your life.

Portland Women’s Fitness Examiner Sarah Harris is a Certified Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor and free-lance writer.

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