Steps to Do Cobra Pose

5 08 2011

By Sarah Court

Lengthen your spine and stretch your abs with this yoga move—cobra pose.


Step 1

Place your hands palms down on the ground beneath your shoulders.

Step 2

Lift your chest up off the ground by straightening your arms.

Step 3


Gaze upwards and keep your abdominals engaged.

For Cobra Pose, lie down on your abdomen and point your feet behind you. Bring your hands next to your chest and engage the gluteals and back muscles as you curl the chest up away from the floor, supporting the shape with your arms.


Keep the shoulder blades down your back and focus on using the muscles of the back to lift the body, rather than just pushing the floor away with your arms and sinking into your lower back. A good way to test is take your hands off the floor—you won’t curl up as high, but you will feel your back doing the work! Keep feet and pelvis pressing down into the floor to support the upper body.


If you have lower back concerns or don’t feel as strong, stay low in the pose and concentrate on making an even upward curve with the back.

Muscles Worked

Gluteals help anchor the lower body as the long erector spinae muscles lining the spine assist trapezius and lattissimus dorsi in this back strengthening pose.

Often our daily habits of computer and car use leave us with a weakened back and core. This pose will safely strengthen the back and help your posture improve.


Sarah Court is a featured yoga and exercise columnist on She teaches weekly Yoga Tune Up® and Vinyasa classes at various locations in Los Angeles, and trains yoga teachers in anatomy and in Yoga Tune Up® across the country. She’s been featured in the New York Times and as one of’s 100 Incredible Yoga Teachers Who Blog.




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