Blast Fat With This 4 Week Workout Plan

20 09 2011

By Michele Stanten

Your Weekly Plan

Each week, you’ll do two strength workouts and two unique interval workouts. The first interval routine is a Tabata (named for the researcher who created the technique), which means supershort intervals of cardio and strength moves to melt fat and firm trouble zones. The second interval features sprints.

All the workouts are quick and maximize calorie burn—for up to 14 hours afterward—so you’ll see fast results.

Weeks 1 + 3
Day 1 Superset Slimdown A
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 Tabata Toners
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 Sprints
Day 6 Superset Slimdown A
Day 7 Rest

WEEKS 2 + 4
Day 1 Superset Slimdown B
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 Tabata Toners
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 Sprints
Day 6 Superset Slimdown B
Day 7 Rest

It’s the season for graduations, weddings, and beach vacations—all to be captured forever in photos. So if you want the record to show you looking your absolute best, read on. We enlisted the help of two weight loss experts—the husband-and-wife team of Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, and Kara Mohr, PhD—to create a speedy fat loss plan exclusively for Prevention.

When we had a group of women just like you try out the exercise and diet plan, they lost on average more than two and half pounds and two inches, with one of them shed a whopping seven pounds in seven days. The results multiplied, and after a month on the program, the women lost up to 14 1/2 pounds and three inches off their waists and thighs, two inches off their chests and hips, and an inch off their arms. That’s two sizes in a month.

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Superset Slimdown A

Two Days A Week, 30 Minutes

How to do it: Do the recommended number of reps of the first exercise of the superset, then do the second exercise without taking a break in between. Constantly moving from one exercise to another really cranks up your calorie burn. After the 2 supersets, finish with a Metabolism Boost.

What you need: five-to 10-pound dumbbells (choose a weight that by the final reps will be very challenging to lift); a sturdy step or bench about 12 inches high; sliding discs like Valslides to work more muscles ($30 a pair, plus $5 for booties if you plan to use them on uncarpeted floors;

Superset 1: Repeat for three sets total

1. Bent-Leg Deadlift, 8 reps

Stand with dumbbells on thighs, palms in. Sit back as if doing a squat. Let dumbbells “ride” down front of legs (making contact) as low as possible without rounding back. Keep back flat, knees behind toes. Pause. Push through heels to stand up, keeping dumbbells against body.

2. Kneeling Push-Up, eight reps

Get down on all fours. Walk hands out and drop hips so body is in line from head to knees. Hands should be slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Keep back flat as you bend elbows and lower chest almost to ground. Hold for a second, then press back up.

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Superset 2: Repeat for three sets total.

1. Sliding Reverse Lunge, 12 reps, each leg

Stand with feet together, Valslide under right foot. Slide right foot behind you and bend left knee 90 degrees, keeping knee over ankle. Don’t lean forward or back; keep torso upright. Slide right foot back in and stand up.

2. Overhead Press, 12 reps

Stand tall with dumbbells at shoulder height, palms facing front, elbows bent and pointing down. Push weights overhead until arms are straight, keeping shoulders down and abs tight. Lower weights.

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Metabolism Boost

Dumbbell swing, 30-60 seconds
Grip dumbbell end with both hands, arms down. Bend at hips, lower torso about 45 degrees, and let dumbbell swing between legs. Knees bend slightly. Then thrust hips forward, straighten legs, and swing dumbbell up to shoulder level, arms straight.



Superset Slimdown B

2 Days A Week, 30 Minutes

Superset 1: Repeat for three sets total

1. High Step-Up, eight reps, each leg

Holding dumbbells at sides, stand facing a step or bench (about 12 inches high). Place right foot on step and lift body up, bringing left foot to top of step but not touching it. Lower left leg and then right foot off step. Repeat, alternating legs.

2. Dumbbell Row, 8 reps

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Bend at hips and lower upper body about 45 degrees, with knees slightly bent and arms below shoulders, palms facing in. Bend elbows toward sky, keeping arms close to torso. Squeeze shoulder blades together at top of movement, then lower.

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Superset 2: Repeat for three sets total

1. Sliding Side Lunge, 12 reps, each leg

Stand with feet together, Valslide under left foot, dumbbells at sides. Bend right leg and slide left foot out to side, keeping leg straight and pushing hips back so body weight is on right heel. Keep right knee behind toes. Slide left foot back to center and stand up.

2. Hot Hands, 12 reps, each hand

Start in plank position, balancing on toes and hands, with arms fully extended and directly under shoulders. Tighten core as if you’re wringing out your spine like a sponge. Alternate raising each hand to touch opposite shoulder, as quickly as possible. Keep core and hips stable.


Tabata Toners

1 Day A Week, 30 Minutes

How to do it: March or jog in place for five minutes to warm up. Do move #1 for 20 seconds, completing as many reps as possible while maintaining good form. Relax for 10 seconds. Repeat a total of eight times (four minutes total), taking breaks after every one or two minutes, if needed. Rest for one minute (walk slowly, drink some water), then repeat this routine with each move until you’ve done all four exercises. Walk around for three to five minutes to cool down.

What you need: One eight-to 15-pound dumbbell; jump rope (optional)

1. Squat

With feet shoulder-width apart and hands behind head, sit hips back until thighs are about parallel to ground. Keep knees behind toes. Quickly stand up, squeezing glutes.

2. Dumbbell Swing, 30 to 60 seconds

Grip dumbbell end with both hands, arms down. Bend at hips, lower torso about 45 degrees, and let dumbbell swing between legs. Knees bend slightly. Then thrust hips forward, straighten legs, and swing dumbbell up to shoulder level, arms straight.

3. Lunge With Push-Up

Stand with feet together. Step right foot forward two to three feet, bending knees. Push off right heel to stand back up. Repeat with left leg. Get on ground to do one push-up (on knees if you prefer), pressing up quickly. Stand up. Repeat sequence.

4. Jump Rope

Jump off balls of feet just high enough to clear rope and land with knees slightly bent. Look straight ahead, not down at your feet. (No rope? Just pretend.)


Fat-Blasting Sprints

1 Day A Week, 30 Minutes Or Less

This workout burns calories fast and trains fast-twitch muscle fibers responsible for jumping and sprinting. They’re some of the first muscle fibers to go if you don’t use them as you get older. Keeping them in tip-top shape helps keep your metabolism revved.

How to Do It: Find a flat area where you can sprint for 95 feet (that’s roughly the length of a basketball court, about 43 steps walking normally, or six car lengths). Warm up by walking or jogging for five minutes. Then walk or run from one end of your course to the other as fast as you can (the faster you go, the more calories you burn). Walk slowly, taking as long as you need to catch your breath before sprinting again.

Week 1
Five sprints

Week 2
Seven sprints

Week 3
Eight sprints

Week 4
10 sprints



Kara Mohr, PhD, is a behavioral weight-loss expert and exercise physiologist who researched exercise and obesity for 15 years at Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh. Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, is a dietitian and exercise physiologist who’s worked with celebrities such as Denise Austin and LL Cool J.




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