How to Avoid Hidden Calories When Dining Out

17 10 2011


By Jaylin Allen


Dining out is an inevitable part of most of our lives. We have birthday parties, family outings, and times when we are on vacation without access to a kitchen. What we can really benefit from is the knowledge of what to avoid when dining out.

The basics aren’t always so basic. We are taught to eat veggies, protein, and brown rice. We are told that salads are good. Again, it isn’t so simple at restaurants.

The key to restaurants is to know how things are prepared. The preparation is everything here.

A “Chinese Chicken Salad” could be the healthiest, or least healthy item on the menu. The key is to ask and read about the details. Go for grilled chicken versus crispy chicken. That saves about 50 percent of the calories.

A salad may be quite healthy—until you top it with creamy ranch dressing. When dining out, ask for oil and vinegar instead of choosing their house dressing. Your average dressing runs about 250 calories per tablespoon. Oil and vinegar is about 120 calories. Also, you might consider just using the vinegar for a mere 10 to 20 calories per serving.

Finally, choose steamed versus stir-fried vegetables. Read this part out loud—avoid the bread basket.

It may seem simple but really, avoid this oh, so tempting part of dining out. Breadsticks, chips, and French bread, are all empty calories that will not help your weight-loss attempts.

You can have fun while dining out, even while watching for those hidden calories and fat. Knowing what to avoid is the first step to getting there.



Jaylin Allen is an expert Fitness Trainer in San Diego with over 12 years experience. Her company, Bootique FItness is known as the solution for women’s fitness as they get their clients into great shape in record time through personal training, zumba, nutrition and women boot camps in San Diego. Check out her site or call 619.602.8087.



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