7 Tools to Recover Quickly

27 10 2011


By Jessica Sebor



Foot Rubz

This unassuming little ball packs a big punch in terms of relaxation and recovery. The 160 nubs covering the instrument’s surface massage stressed tendons to relieve achy soles within minutes. The slightly grippy material keeps the ball underfoot, while the tiny size makes it perfect for your purse or gym bag. $5, surefoot.net


Trust us—this tool isn’t as torturous as it may appear. The Muscletrac was developed by a sports physician to treat the root cause of his patients’ pain and discomfort. Unlike a normal roller, this device penetrates the tissue with square prongs. Use the Trac before running to loosen muscle tissue or afterward to speed up recovery and reduce soreness. $45, muscletrac.com

Rider Stride Sandals

After a tough workout, your feet crave comfort—and an escape from hot, sweaty running shoes! Rider Sandals offer relief for worn-out footsies. A sculpted insole cradles feet while the mesh upper and side vents create breathability. The gentle massage the sandal provides, combined with cooling airflow, help feet feel fresh in record time. $45, ridersandals.com

Strassburg Sock

Ever step out of bed in the morning only to be greeted by a zip of pain up your foot? With its signature symptoms of heel soreness and calf tightness, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common running injuries. Sufferers can find relief in this specialty sock, designed to stretch the tissue in your foot and heel while you sleep. In a 2002 study published in The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, nearly 98 percent of plantar fasciitis patients who wore this slipper recovered within eight weeks. $40, thesock.com

Foam Roller Plus

Using a foam roller daily is one of the best ways to stay limber. Rolling various muscles groups over the device’s hard exterior helps to release tension and increase blood flow. While some rollers can wear out quickly, the Plus features a built-in PVC core, guaranteed to last for at least two years. $39, powersystems.com

The Original Body Stick

A favorite of professional athletes and recreational runners alike, The Stick offers targeted massage for tired limbs. Roll the slightly flexible rod over aching muscles to relieve tension anywhere on the body. The slim, lightweight design makes this tool an easy addition to your race-day duffel bag. The Stick offers products in a variety of sizes, but the 24″ original length is our favorite. $43, thestick.com

Knobble II

Massaging a knot can lead to cramped hands and strained thumbs. The Knobble takes the stress out of your fingers, so that you can apply pressure to hard-to-reach trigger points. Use the base for larger muscle groups and the tip to target specific spots. $10, pressurepositive.com


Jessica Sebor is the editor in chief of Women’s Running, the only women’s-specific running magazine.



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